Hello! My name is Thomas Patton and I'm a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Matterworks.

I really like building things that work well. Here are a few things that I've built...

... for work

  • A hardware-accelerated visual feature tracker designed to run on lightweight drones
  • NLP models to help automate the prior authorization process
  • Graphics software for NASA to visualize shadowing on the ISS's solar panels
  • ... for research

  • A segmentation model to help a robotic arm recognize different food items
  • A model to predict cancer therapy response from a patient's lung shape
  • ... for fun

  • A setup tool to run Neovim inside of Docker containers
  • A DCGAN to generate paintings in the style of Monet
  • A utility to make it easier to view the feedback Google Forms
  • A keyboard setup to preserve my joints
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